Waxing is the quickest method of  temporarily removing unwanted hair from the root.  The advantage is that a large area of hair, such as on the legs can be removed in one treatment, leaving the skin smooth and hair free for approximately 4 – 6 weeks.  The hairs need to be at least 1 cm long for best results.

You need to avoid hot showers/baths/ direct sun exposure/sunbeds/swimming/steam/sauna for 24 hours before and after a waxing treatment and wax 48 hours before a self tan application, avoid perfumed products eg. deodrant etc and make up for 24 hours after, wear loose cotton clothing after having a wax treatment and try to exfoliate at least once per week to stop in-growing hairs.

Half Leg (lower)                                      £13.00
Half Leg (upper)                                     £15.00
Three Quarter Leg                                 £17.50
Full Leg                                                      £20.00
Under Arm                                                £  8.00
Bikini (Basic)                                          £  8.00
Bikini (Extended)                                 £10.00
Half Arm                                                   £10.00
Full Arm                                                   £14.00
Lip/Chin                                                   £  6.00
Eye Brows                                                £  8.00
Abdomen                                                 £  7.00

NB. If you have never had waxing before and suffer with hyper-sensitive skin or allergies eg. to plasters, then a patch test will need to be carried out  48 hours prior to wax treatment.