How To Stop Biting Fingernails

How To Stop Biting Fingernails Many people suffer with this problem and want to know how to stop biting fingernails but it can be a hard habit for people to break as this common problem often begins in childhood, perhaps caused by stress of some kind, whether from a nervous disposition or a specific outside cause.

It then develops into a nervous habit which is difficult to break.  Biting of the nails leaves them weak and rough and the irritation caused by the ragged edge will encourage further biting.

Frequent manicures, care of hardened cuticles and general encouragement to try and stop biting fingernails can all help.

In children the use of evil tasting chemical preparation painted on the nails is an effective means of discouraging nail biting, however it would be more effective to try to pin point and remove any causes of stress.

Adults anxious to break the habit may find it helpful to concentrate on allowing one nail at a time to grow longer.

Is biting your nails bad for you?

Continues nail biting often leads to deformities of the nail, especially shortening and widening of the nail bed, which is usually irreversible even if the client stops biting.

Dangerous septic conditions in the mouth and teeth may also occur.

Biting the skin around your nails

I have seen over the years people that don’t bite their nails but instead bite the skin around either sides of the nails, which can cause infection, make the fingers swollen, bloody looking, discoloured, ragged edges and very sore looking and not very attractive at all, even if their nails are long and beautiful, by chewing the sides of the nail it spoils the look.

Best to find the cause of the problem and with regular manicures and a home after care plan rectify it.

Having well groomed hands and nails is so important, our hands are constantly on show you don’t want to be hiding them all the time because you are embarrassed of them.

Start by having a manicure as it does really make a difference and gives you the incentive to start taking care of your hands and nails and you will get professional advice on how to care for your hands and nails at home and sometimes we just need someone to be accountable to, to encourage us to get the results we want to achieve.

Before you leave the salon make sure you book in for your next manicure as this will encourage you to look after your nails at home knowing there will be someone checking on your progress the next time you go to your beauty salon.

You could try keeping  a note pad with you and every time you go to bite your nails, write down why you think you want to bite your nails/skin around your nails, see if you can pin point what the problem is that is causing you to do this, by finding the problem then you can find a solution.

I have read and heard from many people over the years of what they have tried to stop biting their nails/skin around the nails, for example,  some have rubbed chillies on their fingers, others lemon juice, others wrapped their fingers in plasters.

I personally don’t think this would work long term and in fact they told me it never worked for them.

Best to find out why you are doing it in the first place and then only if YOU really want to stop biting your nails by finding a solution you will have success, as we all know if we don’t really want to stop doing something we might stop for a few days/weeks but then start it up again.

Remember  you will only really achieve something if YOU are really determined and want it bad enough.

It CAN be done – seen a lot of women over the years that have gone from really bitten nails to their own beautiful natural nails, takes a lot of determination and effort on your part.

Leave a comment below if you suffered or suffer from nail biting.